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Two Talents in Yibin Selected into ¡°One Hundred Talent Plan¡±
Posted:2012-1-19 9:52:16 Hits:1909Source:Sichuan Daily

The list of the second batch of talents selected into "one hundred talent plan" was revealed recently, on which Li Ruolin and Qiu Chengfeng are respectively from Wuliangye Group Company, Ltd. and Yingtai Opto-Electric Company, Ltd., Yibin. Yibin and Deyang rank the top second city with the number of listed talents following Chengdu.
    Mr. Li Ruolin, returning from Silicon Valley in U.S.A, has brought the world-leading opto-electric chip techniques, but also a Ph. D. team, helping to set up Global Group Mars Technology Company, Ltd., Yibin, Sichuan. In short term, the team has developed a chain effect by "introduction of high-caliber talents and a creative team, generation of a new industry and fostering of an economic growth point".
    Qiu Chengfeng from Dupont Company successfully turned a nearly bankrupt company into a single hi-tech LCD manufacturer in southwest and northeast China in five years; and the process of listing into the stock market is underway.

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