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Global Glassware Co., Ltd, Yibin, Sichuan
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Global Glassware Co., Ltd, Yibin, Sichuan, a social welfare enterprise, is one of backbone subsidiaries of Global Group Co., Ltd. with a total capital of RMB0.8 billion and about 3,300 working staff (inclu. 1000 disabled working staff).
    It is a modern glass manufacturer engaged in production of daily-use glassware, glass craftwork, glass process bottles and glassware. It has been certified with ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System and ISO22000: 2005 FSMS as well as GB/T28001-2001 OHSMS, and also honored with some titles such as “an outstanding enterprise in daily-use glass sector of China” and “a famous manufacturer in daily-use glass sector of China”, etc.
    This Company boasts its modern workshops, advanced equipments and strong know-how. It also has 8 glass melting furnaces (30-50O), adopts the most advanced domestic glass melting furnace technology and with the introduction of Emhart SIS-type bottle-making machine and feeder machine from USA, the most advanced domestic HD6-SF determinant machine, self-made LD-8S fully-automatic NC curved glass bottle make-up machine, top-grade heated air circulation annealing furnace in China, which lay a solid hardware foundation for various products production. Meanwhile, this Company could produce 300 million glass wine bottles annually, including: 120-3000g crystal, creamy white, extra-flint and flint glass bottles. With mature glass post-processing technology, complete auxiliary facilities and skilled employees, it can provide lots of deep-processing technologies such as design-engraving, baking decoration, glaze spraying, glass etching, laser engraving, emboss, surface glaze spraying and thermal transfer printing. So, it could produce 80 million various glass wine bottles and glass craftwork per year, winning the title as the largest domestic curved glass bottle production base. 

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